Welcome at Twiga Brewery

AIM Mall, Dodoma Road, Arusha

Serving Tanzania's only Craft Beer

Karibu - Welcome!

Twiga Brew is the first Craft Beer Brewery in Tanzania.
What is a Craft Beer Brewery?

* It is small: We are brewing in batches of 500l - 1000l
* It is independent: None of the big industrial brewing companies is in any way involved in the brewery.
* It is traditional: When we are brewing beer then this is is traditionally, artisan and hand crafted brewed from best natural ingredients: Water, malt, hops. Nothing else.

You will taste the difference. Nothing is better than a pleasant chilled craft beer fresh from the tap.

From time to time we are brewing public. You can come and watch us brewing. Tasting the malt, the wort, asking questions and sure tasting the beers and having some snacks.
The dates we are announcing here on the website, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Karibuni sana at AIM Mall!

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